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Hello! I’m Chris Norman, and I’m here to introduce you to some of the most profound life changing wellness products on the planet. Kangen means “Return to Origin”, and/or ” The New Era” in Japanese.  This is the greatest era in the history of the world to take control of your own health and your own finances. These products have profoundly changed the lives of myself, my family, my friends,  my clients, and countless others. The companies behind these one of a kind products have decided to spend a great deal of resources to scientifically verify the efficacy of these products so you don’t have to take my word for it.  As a matter of fact, you don’t even have to believe the hundreds of YouTube testimonials because we could all be liars. I have included the science for your convenience so please go to the Library tab for the proof.

Naturally, the best products in the world go hand in hand with the best business opportunities. Furthermore, these products have synergy with each other and we are very fortunate in this regard. If you are a health professional or/and an athlete you’ll be in very good company when you combine all these products for maximum effectiveness.

I’ve already done the due diligence on the companies and in most cases I’ve spent time with the CEO, upper management, and their top distributors. However, spend as much time as you need researching these companies until your level of comfort allows you to make a confident decision then ACT IMEDEATLY!

Kangen® Water

My two sons on the right were premature twins weighing three pounds and 4 pounds. Beauregard, on the end, was diagnosed with acid reflux and prescribed acid reflux medication. I started giving him 8.5ph Kangen Water then 9.5ph Kangen Water at about three weeks old. My other son, Gable now drinks 9.5ph and has made it to the 90 percentile growth range for their age group. Beau has been wearing 5T size cloths since he was two and they recently turned three . Go to the Kangen Library to see the Chick study on page 31. Enagic  recommends that infants wait until they are two years old so I had to do my own research.

For over four decades, Japan-based Enagic International has been the leading manufacturer of alkaline ionizers and water filtration machines in the world. The Enagic Corporation’s direct sales system empowers hard-working and passionate independent distributors around the world. You will fall in love with these water ionizers just like all the celebrities, athletes and our presidents have. For more information on the original Kangen Oasis – Chicago, Kangen Water, how kangen machines save you money, what celebrities and athletes are drinking kangen water, and how you can try this living water for FREE, click this link WWW.KangenOasisChicago.com. You will then spread the word about the positive changes in your life physically and financially.

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Justin Gatlin, fastest man on the planet! Last man to beat Usain Bolt!!

BEMER stands for Bio-Electric-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation. Improve your life in 16 minutes. BEMER applications boost the blood flow, improve cardiac system, oxygen supply, waste disposal, physical fitness, endurance, strength and energy, stress reduction, regenerative abilities and even mental acuity. Over one million people all over the world, including many professional and Olympic Athletes, are already using this technology. This equipment is registered by the FDA as a class 2 medical device and has many available scientific studies. BEMER holds five world patents and has no real competition. After you regularly use the this technology you’ll understand why NASA is in cooperation with BEMER international to develop a space suit utilizing the unsurpassed BEMER Signal. You’ll fall in love with your BEMER then you’ll spread the word about the positive changes in your life physically and financially.

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This privately held technology company is devoted to drug free wellness, optimal health and improved human performance. This company develops Wearable Neuromuscular Technology called HPT or Human Performance Technology. Imagine being able to put on a pair of socks, stepping onto a pair of insoles, or placing a patch on your arm and instantly improving your stability and balance by 30%, gaining 15% more range of motion, increasing velocity of force by 17%, increasing eccentric force by 17%, and increasing POWER by 22%. I’m happy to tell you that these numbers have been scenically proven and as an associate of the company, you will have an exclusive opportunity to share a very disruptive technology that is a real Game Changer. The benefits of Voxx HPT also include pain relief, physical mobility, increased energy, exercise performance, endurance, recovery and with significant improvements in power generation/endurance, Voxx HPT is the safe and natural answer for maximum muscle growth. You won’t want to live without this technology once you see how it works and as a distributor you be more than eager to share how this easily affordable technology will change the masses physically and financially.

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The Kangen Oasis is extremely excited to bring you one of the greatest business opportunities that we’ve ever seen. This product is long overdue and the demand has been off the charts.  New U Life’s Homeopathic SOMADERM Gel is the only transdermal, FDA registered human growth hormone (HGH) over the counter product available without a prescription. Around the age of 20 HGH is at it’s peak, and then plummets around the age of 25 then the hormone slowly declines for the rest of your life. Many experts say that elevating growth hormone when you are older can bring back your levels to when you were in your 20’s. Baby boomers want to be in a better mood, they want to grow thicker hair, they want greater muscle tone, healthier skin, nails, joint mobility, enhanced libido and the list goes on. The company has experienced phenomenal growth this year and their Somaderm Gel product has realized a re-order rate of  90% plus for over a decade. The company went from a few hundred reps to approximately 60,000 in a few months with no signs of slowing down. I’ve seen my own business grow expeditiously and I’ve only introduced two people. The company went from a few hundred reps to over 36,000 in a few months and just announced that they will capping new reps and 15,000. If you are looking for the ultimate anti-ageing product and/or you are motivated to build a substantial income in a relatively short period of time, this is the company for you. Sign up here www.newulife.com/KangenOasis

You’ll be provided with “blue prints” for each of the programs you decide to participate in. These easy to follow instructions will ensure your fast start and long term success physically and financially. If you have the will and desire to make that change you’ve been looking for, ther’s no reason to procrastinate any longer. Now is the time to get started.

If you don’t have money for a Kangen or Bemer Machine today call about the many financing options. If you don’t want to finance a machine, start with NewUlife or VoxxLife then learn about the benefits while you set short term goals.  Share your experience and these exclusive products with others as you save towards purchasing your first world wide patented medical device. No More Excuses! What do you have to loose? Feel free to call or text me directly(312-607-3030), get your questions answered and let’s take action today!


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I’m Chris Norman and I want to personally welcome you to the Kangen Oasis – Chicago.  I’ve had a passion for helping people through wellness since the mid 80’s when I landed my first job in the industry at the Marina Towers Chicago Health Club.  I’ll never forget how satisfying it was to train a complete stranger, improve their knowledge base and give them affordable access to the tools necessary for success.  I was playing football for the NIU Huskies in those days so being paid to work out while showing others proper lifting technique etc. was truly a blessing.   I didn’t know it back then because like most middle class kids, I expected my life to always work out and I just took situations, achievements and opportunities for granted.

Out of college, I spent most of my time engulfed in the financial markets with companies like Prudential, ABN-Amero, LaSalle Bank, Citibank, etc. When I reflect on my college summer job helping people physically vs. my post graduate career helping individuals and institutions financially, there was a very big discrepancy.  I observed that with financial concerns comes stress and as a financial professional, even when you double the clients portfolio, that is only a temporary release of pressure.  Furthermore,  I found that the state of an individual’s well being determines the level in which they will be able to enjoy their life.  In other words, we must all first take care of our temple/body.

As a Certified Corporate Wellness Coach I look to identify the real game changers, including natural supplements, medical devices and wearable neuro-muscular tech that greatly change ones life with very little lifestyle change relative to benefit.  90% of the health care claims cost are due to poor life style decisions, we also know that rising rates of diabetes, heart disease, and obesity aren’t scaring the masses into becoming vegans and hitting the gym 6 days a week.   A work-site wellness program’s biggest obstacle is poor participation.   Rest assured that I’ve put all wellness products that I recommend to the test and many others have as well.

I believe there is a reason you are here and I believe if you take the time to think about it then do your research you’ll understand the value of your temple/body.  When you then go to youtube, look up the testimonials from doctors and patients alike, you’ll understand that these are opportunities that really could change your life and I truly will never take that great blessing for granted again.

Weather you are an athlete, an entrepreneur, a senior, a family, a wellness practitioner, a business or just a person concerned with your health, pick a product and put it to the test today.

God Bless and B Well,

Chris Norman, CCWC

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